The antivirus is from ever synonym of heaviness: it often slows the computer, it blocks the essential services to its functioning, it does not allow to do certain operations.

Does it exist a solution that allows to install on your computers a light antivirus in order not to loose time behind these useless, false problems?

The reply is in the cloud.

Synchronet is partner Webroot


There are essentially three reasons:

  • The intelligence of the software is not on the PC but on the cloud

  • The updates of virus’ signatures are not saved on the computer

  • The client is only a software agent, so it weights only a few kilobytes

The advantages of a cloud antivirus solution are not only these ones. Simplicity of configuration is one of the key points, installation happens in a few seconds, it is completely handled  from the administrator through the centralized web console and it doesn’t  need user’s interaction that is able to continue working as if nothing had happened.

Additional plus of in cloud solution is safety. Think about Zero Day attacks, those situations in which a virus is put on the internet and antivirus are not able to update, maybe because the producer could not create installation packet for the computers or these, for some reasons, are not able to update. Or think about the notorious Cryptolocker that attacks computers without an adequate protection.

All these problems can be avoided with a light in cloud antivirus because, as you might have understood, this does not depend on the “physical” updates present in the computer, but on servers on the internet that are constantly checked and secured against any kind of attack.


One of the most famous and world used cloud antivirus is certainly Webroot, a reliable safety and innovative solution as it includes all cloud functions.

But not only. One of the main components of Webroot, that distinguishes it from all others antivirus present in the market, is the practical function of emergency restore.

What does it consist of?

In case of computer compromising it is possible to restore the state of the computer before a possible infection or malfunction, without intervening directly on the premises, but using the centralized web console used to manage the antivirus.

In this way, besides being a light antivirus, secure and practical, it can be also used as suite of complete safety.

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