Backup & Recovery

Backup, protection and data recovery systems

To secure company data does not mean only to protect oneself from intruders or from internet world. With the use of informatics systems and data storage in electronic format, it is fundamental to rely on efficient backup systems. Although many companies still do not pay attention to these systems, it is really very dangerous to leave its own data at the mercy of a bad functioning of the hardware or software, a cyber virus, a cyber attack, a rush current or any other sudden loss.

Let’s think about the data of some basic company sectors, such as administration or information concerning projects, customers, orders. It takes few seconds to lose thousands of fundamental data for the workand company management.

Italian law, (law 196/DPS and the decree on privacy) forces companies to do backup copies of their data in a systematic and methodical way. We propose and install backup systems for any company reality, offering tailored developed services to ensure the maximal security and the minimal inconveniences in case of data recovery.

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