Faist Componenti S.p.a.


For Faist, multinational group operating in the sector of automotive, Synchronet has developed the software for product quality management. From the receipt of the product from supplier to internal production, the software manages the controls according to determined specifications. The system is integrated with JDEdwards and Kingdee managerial.

Thanks to quality software, Faist manages in the same way the controls in all its offices and it has centralised the inspection management in incoming and production phases.


For Faist, multinational group operating in the sector of automotive, Synchronet has provided the hardware used for processes ‘ management in the warehouse. Using the managerial JDEdwards through the use of LXE-Marathon mobile devices and long-range barcode readers the warehouse staff is able to do all daily loading, unloading and production operations.

Thanks to this equipment Faist has at its disposal in all warehouses the same system for advanced warehouse management.


For Faist, multinational group operating in the automotive sector, Synchronet has standardized the hardware infrastructure of each office, implementing virtualization HyperV server on old technology.
HP servers and storage have been chosen for all head offices of the group. Cluster with 2 knots and san HP fibre have been realized for the biggest headquarters, while for the smallest headquarters a single knot has been created and replication in the geographically closest location.
As backup solution and replication of data and virtual machines Veeam solutions have been implemented.
Thanks to this strategy Faist is able to handle in the same way all companies of the group and have safe and protected data.


For Faist, multinational group operating in the sector of automotive, Synchronet has worked in the realization of a global level and single office networking that was efficient, stable and manageable.

The implemented solution consists in using a watchguard cluster, each one dimensioned on the base of the office size (offices: 2 in Italy, 2 in Romania, China, Arizona, Mexico). Each cluster has been connected to the internet on 2 different provider connectivity in order to exploit the high reliability. All remote offices are thus connected in a strong and redundant way through vpn-ipsec to the star centre from which all main services of the company are distributed: erp, mail, documents.
The activation of Watchguard and content filtering, spam and Apt blocker and data loss prevention services allow to control internet traffic and to protect the navigation and the mail from possible dangers.
Thanks to this solution Faist is able to work in efficient, safe and permanent way.