MPLS Sharing

Dedicated connectivity in international contexts

Thanks to the implementation on its network infrastructure, Synchronet is able to offer the possibility of simultaneous use in the same protected channel, integrating security levels so that the same channel can be used from more companies separating the use and ensuring security and performances depending on the service demanded. It will be possible to have a protected connection among the corporate headquarters and a dedicated connection channel in the communication network for each of the traffic components (data, voice, video etc.)

To ensure communication security, the strict separation of traffic flows exchanged among the customer corporate headquarters from those related to other connected customers. Synchronet has been facing for some years the problems of connections among corporate headquarters located in remote states and far away from each other, giving to customer an opportunity to integrate its own companies, its own services and people.

China is for sure the state with the biggest connection problems out of  its territory.

Synchronet with its shared MPLS project gives an hand to all that companies having corporate headquarters in Chinese territory and that want to obtain more connection stability towards other corporate headquarters of their group.

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